What's that?

new song!

recorded originally in 2002, I was living in Paris, collaborating with musicians via Myspace (those days of discovery and internet fascination!)

I met this young ( 18yo ) prodigy - Le1f and we did a few cool tracks together.. today he is out of reach :)) but I LOVE those tunes, so I re-recorded and rearranged this one.

Hope he gets to listen to it somehow…

and hope you like this weird sound.

Live baby Live with Emily Karpel

Last week in Tel-Aviv I had the pleasure to play my old and new songs in front of a wonderful crowd, in one of my favorite spots in Israel- Shaffa bar.

And to host the amazing Emily Karpel {queen of snow}, such a dear friend, we are sharing so much, we are both auto didactic producers, with very yourg kids ( born 5 weeks apart..)

Sisters <3


Playing one of my favorite spots in TLV, Shaffa bar, within the flea market in Jaffa.

ONILI@SHAFFA_7_8_19 3.jpg


March 17 in NYC + March 21 in Boston

Working on new songs, on stage!

NYC - March 17 - 8pm - City winery Loft -155 Varick St, 2nd floor New York, NY  tickets here $20

BOSTON - March 21 - 8:30pm Space us - 11 first st, Cambridge - $5

NYC march 17 2019
photo by royco

photo by royco

A - B - C




This Brilliant Italian ABC song, full of humor, joy and Mafia :))

Sang by my homie - Gabriella - a Napoli / Tel-Aviv / Zurich /Boston / London Chick, 

who sings like a bird, cooks like a chef and researches like a mad scientist

happened to pass by the studio an seduce everyone with this beautiful song.  

Want to learn some Italian with your kids?

Mine is already fluent ;)


A come armatura
B come bravura
C come canaglia che con me verrà in questura
D come diamante
E come elefante
F è il furfante che in galera porterò
G c'è tanta gente
H non c'è niente
I mmediatamente alla L passerò
L è l'animale
M menomale
N è gia Natale e tanti io avro
O come orco
P come Pinocchio
Q questo ranocchio che stasera mangerò
R come Roma
S come strade
T tutte le strade che a Roma porteranno
U che bella storia
V vi ho raccontato
Ma ora ho tanto Z’onno e a letto me ne andro’
sotto le coperte tutte le parole fanno capriole
e un'altra storia inventerò !!!


Gabriella Sbordone

Gabriella Sbordone


She is my most amazing creation to date, in collaboration with my best friend and partner, assaf.

She is not the reason why I didn't write new music recently.

She is definitely a new source of inspiration

Pure love

Pure joy

the most demanding and rewarding 

Please meet the funniest of all : Livia!