Nila the bunny  - Music producer and teacher for children

Nila the bunny - Music producer and teacher for children

Happy Halloween is a song we created in class with the 3-6 years old fall course. Each one of them created his own part! I love this song.

Fall class 2016

Fall class 2016

Happiness. when a 3 years old discovers the magic of electronic music.

Happiness. when a 3 years old discovers the magic of electronic music.

Electronic Music Classes for children

Fall 2016     Group Classes 

 Tuesdays: 5:30Pm   Age 3-6  (class full)     

Thursdays : 10:30Am  Age 0-3

Thursday class is $15/ class on a drop in basis.

My name is Onili. I am a musician, composer, singer and producer, with an extensive background in teaching music production.

I am also a mother to an incredible toddler who LOVES music! Since 9 months old, she has played with all my gear and done very interesting things musically.

After exploring a few music classes with her, I decided to put together a different kind of class where kids can explore electronic musical tools and experience a new world of creativity and expression. They will eventually learn to make songs of their own, using their voices, samplers, synthesizers, percussions and more…

I have an in-home recording studio in Davis Square (Somerville, MA), where class meets once a week.

During class  kids learn classic children songs and their moves. They dance and play all kinds of instruments, they also play music games to promote inner rhythm and sound recognition. The songs have all been recorded by Nila The bunny, a half human/half bunny cartoon, that produces music in her studio, in a modern, up- to date style.

Nila puts a lot of thought and work into her production, she records top notch musicians and performers, and spends time arranging and producing children classic songs to help challenge and stimulate the child as well as to appeal to us, parents, who are brought to listen to the songs again and again...  

Listen to Nila's version of Classic nursery rhymes:

Nila the bunny- Classics [demo album]


The 0-3 years old class focuses on

  • Singing Nila's versions of the classic children songs.
  • Learning moves related with the lyrics, and making up their own.
  • Playing with a lot of different professional percussion instruments.
  • Counting - learning the pulse within the music.
  • playing rhythm games, sound games.
  • Dancing
  • exploring electronic music tools.

This class is meant to develop the child's musical ear, and inner rhythm, while learning the classic children songs and movement, in a playful atmosphere.



The 3-6 years old class focuses on

  • How to create and record a song.
  • Beat making with electronic machines
  • Sampling 
  • Singing with microphones and effects.
  • Counting and understanding the beat (!!)
  • we will learn some Important technical terms (useful to parents too!)
  • playing with professional Electronic instruments, with lots of buttons and "Magic" features.

The aim of this course, in addition to learning songs and rhythm, is to help children understand that music is in everything and that the freedom of creation is within their reach.

Judgment and criticism, especially by adults, can inhibit children from developing their capacities and gifts for singing and playing music from an early age.

Instead, this course gives them the tools, space, and support to express themselves freely and experience a great deal of happiness and fun through music.

In so doing, it helps build their focus and confidence, and empowers them to be creative and expressive.


Each child must come accompanied by his/her caregiver.


Year round

0-3 years old Class

Thursday 10:30 AM  drop-in: $15

March 2017

3-6 years old course

   12 sessions   sign up now!  (only 5 spots available)

Price: $255  for 12 sessions.   Price for a sibling : $155  


a 5-7 years old class will open soon (5 students/class) - send me a message if you are interested in such class.

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