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in December 2014 Livia, my baby girl was born

Since her very young age I’ve been looking for what we call children’s music... 

But what is children’s music? Why should kids have a dedicated music?

Are they less intelligent? Do they need to digest sounds separately? Need more simplistic sounds?

I don’t think so… Children’s Music is a language that connects us- Adults and kids, allows us to transmit knowledge and enjoy together, communicate, understand each other, be on the same frequency, feel the togetherness.

Being a tiny kid is full of frustration, (bringing up a kid as well) Enjoying music together is a relief for both parties, we know what we have to do, we can simply do it and enjoy our time together.

What’s in children’s music?

Language - Learning basic words in context.
Movement - synchronized hands and body moves with the song - that teach to control our limbs.

Repetition - offers the opportunity to perfect and master the skills. and -when done right - acquire inner tempo.

After looking for good nursery rhymes online, with no success, I decided to create them.

Nila’s music

shadows from Hickory dickory duck video, work in progress.

shadows from Hickory dickory duck video, work in progress.

MY GOAL was to find a way to introduce high quality music to children and grab their attention, well known nursery rhymes were the perfect gate to their ears, they are culturally anchored in all of us, kids are already familiar with them, I can challenge them with tempo, versatile styles, languages, rich sound… and offer a

pleasant alternative for the parents.

The musical project contains 14 well known nursery rhymes in 4 languages, 1 original song recorderd with my electronic music class for kids age 2-6 ( Boston 2016)

The sound is up to date, both electronic and organic, using repetition like Dance music, tempo changes like hip hop , soothing and trippy like jazz and trip hop, playing with languages and accents, with a multitude of vocalists, kids and adults, and the best musicians that I know.

Without committing to any genre, the experience feels clearly defined, rich and fun.



in today's saturated 3d, hyper colorful, very figurative children’s animated world, I found myself looking for a toned down, low tech experience, that will cary my imagination and my child's screen time to an inspirational, mentally stimulating, abstract world. The videos are a minimalistic support for the music, they offer a space for imagination and projection of the kids creativity.

+ by showing the how it's made, and low tech aspect of it,

we are opening the door to some DIY magic.

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